project ten-to-zero

stop, take time to breathe and enjoy

art of quality

It gives me great delight for those who appreciate art to be part of something that is beyond an image just being an image.

My aim is to create art that is timeless and can be enjoyed for as long as people have the eyes to see it.

what is ten-to-zero?

As some of my work is already selling for considerable sums for each image, I have decided to limit the physical output of my work.

This concept I have named ten-to-zero.

I only print, or allow the printing of ten images at set sizes, mounted and framed, with all being signed by me as the artist.

One image is retained by my studio, the other nine are (or have been) sold.

Once a set of ten have been printed then the original hi-res images are deleted leaving lo-res small files being used or deployed on social media sites, which cannot be used to produce anything of quality.

This decision creates a rarity of asset, that are effectively copyrighted and it means that only the discerning can acquire such individual high quality art that can be enjoyed for many years to come.


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“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

Jonathan Swift.

no creativity

I like people to value art. Too often these days creativity is squeezed point of our lives.

In education our children and young people are put under pressure through numeracy and literacy hours, as soon as they leave the early years of education.

Tests are thrown at children with little time to play, imagine, and participate in outdoor pursuits and sports.

In my own small way I rail against such strictures as I believe them to be unhealthy and we should encourage our children and young people in physical pursuits and in using their imagination.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

Pablo Picasso.

my hopes

Just as much as I value art and music of many, I like others to appreciate my own work.

Some of my images take many, many hours to compile, from the defining of a storyboard, to the setting up of a shoot, through to my work on producing image.

Occasionally I offer unique one off pieces of work to clients, so please keep coming back, or contact me to become a subscriber to my news letter.

I hope that you enjoy my art, as much as I enjoy carefully creating each work.