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Arwyn Bailey the UK's renowned photographer and speaker

The Time-Lord

I am known as the Time-Lord as I capture moments in time through the art of Photography and Videography.

I am the U.K.’s only Time-Lord and motivational speaker.

My speaking dimension includes the church circuit (but no one is ever bored when I am in the pulpit), through to the management and sales training room, as well as covering the networking circuit around the length and breadth of the country.

In one dimension I have appeared on a variety of TV and radio stations, as well as writing press releases on social and macro-economic issues on a regular basis. One of my books, an analysis of the global financial crisis, “Ouch! That Hurts”, hit the top ten in the book store of CLC. My articles even found their way into the Vatican and the Pope was a regular reader of some articles.

As your next speaker at your event, and being a Time-Lord, I will take you and your delegates on a journey through my own time line and many different dimensions.

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going in depth

Being a Time-Lord and having managed sales teams within the corporate sphere and due to running my own businesses for nigh on thirty years, I fully understand how difficult it can be to manage change and time, whilst continuing to focus upon controlling the controllable whilst letting the rest of the time manage itself.

I will show you how you can overcome any number of disappointments, even tragedy, to remain focussed and how you can achieve your own dreams and how to manage others into a place of success.

As the U.K.’s only Time-Lord and motivational speaker I always entertain and engage audiences with humour and cause them to think with poignant accounts of significant points of my own timeline.

  • with me there is absolutely no bull
  • find out how you, and your team, can adapt when any of the proverbial hits the fan or you find yourself up the creek without a paddle
  • an ideal motivator who shows how you, and your team, can face the challenges of time, transformation and change in any dimension

I look forward to your call.