trump v tomato

a political comment

tomato v trump

The film review website has prompted this project.

I sincerely hope and pray that the Trump administration succeeds. It will be bad on many fronts, for the world if it does not succeed.

However, I have decided to measure the length of the administration through the life of a tomato.

Each day, that I can, I will be publishing an image of a tomato as its shelf life runs down and it becomes rotten.

The question is, will Trump’s administration rise above being rotten? Will it last? Or will it follow the similar pattern of the rate that this tomato rots?

raising awareness

I am also aware that the issue of “Locker Room” talk has created quite a stir. There are also other allegations against Trump, regarding sexual abuse and attack, which have been levied, though none have yet been proven as far as i know in a court of law.

I do not wish to trivialise any form of abuse, but, in order to fight back a little against this attitude of sexual abuse.

30% of all proceeds paid for the purchase of the images will be paid toward a crisis charity for women.

You can learn more about this organisation by clicking here.

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You can view the gallery of images by clicking here.